Benefits of Having a Home Evaluation

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Benefits of Home Evaluation


As a professional Realtor and as Your Top North Delta Real Estate Advisor I know the true benefits of a home evaluation.  Having a home evaluation done by an expert Real Estate Advisor is key to selling your property for more!  Now you may be wondering, “How does the home evaluation process help me sell my home for more?” Great question!  

Firstly, a home evaluation establishes the what aspect, “What is the value of my home?”  Secondly, a home evalution factors in the how aspect, “How can I increase the value of my home before I place it on the market?” Knowing the what, with the knowledge of seasoned Real Estate Advisor, can clarify the price range your home should be listed for.  The price range that could dictate how quickly your home sells and for the best possible price.  We would all like to see our most expensive investment sell for the biggest buck, now wouldn’t we? The how aspect can be answered most strategically by a Real Estate Advisor who tours the home and takes into consideration all factors that could potentially improve the value of your home and again dictate the price range your home could sell for.  

As a seasoned North Delta Real Estate Agent, I am well prepared to review your home and provide you with the insights of the current market trends.  As your Top North Delta Realtor, I know what homes have sold for in your neighbourhood, because I probably sold one of your neighbours’ property!  In 2014 alone, I sold over 60 homes, I research homes within North Delta on a daily basis, and network with Realtors on homes they have sold all year round.  As it is my profession and I work with home buyers regularly – I know what home buyers value in a property.  Therefore, having the expert knowledge on what features of a home could be improved on and bring value to your home before listing it on the market.  

On the other hand, you could solely rely on the BC assessment value of your home, but depending on the current market trend, you may be underestimating the potential sale price of your home.   Each city and even neighbourhoods within a city may differ slightly in what is deemed the “current market value” of a home.  Know the value of your home and list it at the best possible price to sell it for more!  Please consider this notion, knowing the value of your home is very different from your perception of how much the home is worth in the Real Estate market.  Experience, knowledge and research must be utilized if you want to sell your investment for more.  North Delta Real Estate is my business and I make it a priority to be as knowledgeable as I can be to stand true as Your Top North Delta Realtor.  If you want to know the current value of your home, have the experience and knowledge of a Realtor specializing in your North Delta neighbourhood contact me today!  I can provide you with an accurate home evaluation with no obligations! 

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