How To Find a Good Realtor To Sell My Home in North Delta

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Are you planning on selling your North Delta home? For most people, selling real estate is the most significant transaction they’ll ever undertake. And that’s why you want the best real estate agent in the area to help you out. Make this choice wisely — as not all realtors are created equal. 

Unfortunately, most people hire the first Realtor they talk to and when you consider how much the quality of your realtor can affect your profits from selling the home, not putting them through a thorough vetting process is clearly a huge mistake. 

If you’re going to do this right, you’ll need the best possible representation. Don’t worry, though — we’re here with an in-depth guide on recognizing and choosing the best North Delta realtors for selling your home! 

Ask a lot of questions

As we’ve mentioned above, choosing the best realtor is vital if you want to get the maximum value out of your North Delta home. When talking to potential candidates, make sure to ask a lot of questions — don’t be afraid to go into details. 

How familiar are you with the North Delta community?

If there’s one thing you need to remember about real estate, it’s that this is a hyper-local field. It would be best if you had an expert real estate agent that’s intricately familiar with the North Delta market. Make sure to ask realtors about their previous work around North Delta — if they provide specific, confident answers without reaching for their experience in wider British Columbia, they probably know what they’re talking about. 

The best-case scenario is a realtor that has specific examples of properties they’ve sold in the surrounding area or even your neighbourhood.

How are you different from other North Delta realtors?

This may seem like a generic question, but it’s actually just as important — it shows you what kind of chops the realtor has as a salesperson. Asking them something like this gives them the opportunity to present you with their “elevator pitch.” If you find yourself persuaded by what they have to say, you can be more certain of the persuasive power they’ll put to use when communicating with prospective homebuyers. 

How many clients do you have right now? 

This is a question where you’re looking for a perfect middle-of-the-road answer. A realtor that’s handling too few clients probably isn’t the best in the business — but someone who’s handling too many likely won’t be too dedicated to individual home sales. 

How would you handle the marketing for my home?

We’re deep into the 21st century now, and you need a realtor that’s familiar with contemporary marketing strategies. When asked about their marketing, the realtor should respond confidently and quickly — displaying knowledge of both traditional and digital marketing channels. 

When it comes to the latter of the two, pay close attention to how fluent the realtor is in the online marketing lingo; you don’t want a realtor who’s not digitally savvy these days.

Beyond the initial interview with the realtor themselves, take a look at their digital marketing efforts in practice. If you want your North Delta home to get the attention it deserves, your realtor needs to be well-versed in all forms of online advertising. 

Today, around 50% of buyers find their dream home online — so take a look at the realtor’s recent listings on places like Zillow, Redfin, and the listings on their own website. Also, the listings of a truly professional realtor have gorgeous professional photos of the property along with matching creative descriptions that captivate prospective buyers.

Do some social media research as well — are the realtor and their firm active on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.? See if they have:

  • A large number of followers
  • A couple of posts per property 
  • Creative yet professional stories and posts
  • Proper use of hashtags 
  • Consistently high engagement (shares, comments, etc.). 

Be careful to select a realtor that promotes properties as much as they promote themselves — someone who has actively “shared the spotlight” with their previous clients is likely to do the same for you. 

Marketing Channels a North Delta Realtor uses

Are there any extra services?

Some realtors come with higher fees, but they may be worth it if the fee includes some useful extra services. For instance, a large number of realtors provide home sellers with additional staging services or referrals. Check if a realtor is offering any such perks before dismissing their rates as high. 

What’s your communication style? 

Obviously, you want a realtor you can rely on — someone who will provide a personal touch by constantly communicating and relaying relevant information. Find a realtor that has a communication style you’re comfortable with. For example, someone who’s used to communicating solely over phone calls won’t work well with a realtor that’s all about emails and texts. 

What will be the biggest challenge with my home?

A truly professional North Delta realtor will demonstrate humility and honesty when it’s appropriate. When they check out your home, you want them to give you a realistic price and a reasonable explanation — don’t go for someone who’s just trying to flatter you. 

Other basic questions

If you’re satisfied with all of the above, there are a couple of basic questions you need to ask a realtor as well:

  • What’s your rate?
  • What are the contract terms?
  • Can you give me references from past clients?
  • If I decide to go with you, what’s the first step towards selling my home?

Get referrals

Before you can start asking any of these questions, you actually need to get in touch with some realtors. And while you can find plenty of ultra-professional real estate experts online, word-of-mouth is still as crucial as ever.

When you’re looking for someone to handle a process as sensitive and valuable as a home sale, you want a proven realtor. Referrals are the bread and butter of any true real estate professional — and it’s how you’ll find the best listing agents. 

At the end of the day, real estate is more about people than about properties, and you can only be sure you’re dealing with a knowledgeable professional if someone you trust can recommend them. 

Often enough, referrals come from friends, family members, co-workers, or other acquaintances — though ideally, you want referrals from neighbours that have successfully sold a home in your area. Of course, other relevant professionals can also be a great source of referrals, such as your business associates, accountants, lawyer, banker, etc. 

If you know someone trustworthy from other parts of the real estate industry, ask them as well — contractors, builders, and developers. Just keep in mind that the credibility of the referral depends on the credibility of the source. 

Shop around North Delta

There are plenty of realtors working in North Delta — which means you should interview a couple of different candidates before you settle on the one you think is the best fit. If you’ve heard this piece of advice before, we’re not surprised. Ultimately, looking for a realtor is just like looking for any other service provider — you want to speak to a number of different potential listing agents to get a feel for the market. 

Pay extra attention to the price point they’re suggesting — a figure that’s too high or too low might be a red flag; you don’t need a realtor that’s not in touch with the North Delta market. Ideally, you want to pick three-four candidates and interview them. And remember, they’ll be assessing you and your property while you’re assessing them. If they ask you about how many other potential realtors are competing to get your listing, answer honestly. If you’re truthful with your realtors, they’ll likely return the favour. 

Look at the North Delta Realtor’s Stats

If the world of sports has taught us something, it’s that numbers rarely lie. Professional athletes are judged by a variety of stats — key performance indicators that show how good they are objectively.

You may not have realized this, but realtors have stats as well — and you’ll want to familiarize yourself with them if you’re going to choose the best realtors in North Delta. The number of positive reviews, average days on market, percent of sold listings — all of these things show if a realtor is actually as good as they inevitably claim to be. 

Here are some of the most important statistics you should keep in mind:


Experience matters — and it’s more easily quantifiable than you might think. It’s best to work with North Delta realtors that don’t have less than two years of experience selling homes full-time. That means they know the intricacies of the North Delta market, as well as the ins and outs of real estate work like deadlines, forms, local contacts, etc. 

Days on market

The average DOM — days on market — is one of the most basic statistics about any real estate market. For instance, in 2021, the average DOM for North Delta real estate was about 14 days. You can compare the market’s DOM to the average days on market of all the properties handled by an individual North Delta realtor. 

If their properties are spending less time on the market than the average home, the realtor likely knows how to market and price homes. And conversely, someone whose listings are “getting stale” is definitely not doing something right.

Number of annual transactions

The number of homes a real estate agent sells in an average year is another good indicator of their level of professionalism. There are plenty of part-timers and hobbyists out there — most of them don’t sell more than four homes each year. On the other hand, someone with more than a dozen yearly transactions has a visibly consistent client base. 

Agents that have made hundreds of sales throughout their career probably have teams working with them — this can be extremely helpful; just make sure to know who will be your primary touchpoint with the realtor’s firm. 

Homes sold in North Delta

Check out how many homes your potential realtor has sold in North Delta — and specifically in your neighbourhood. Someone who’s already handled a couple of transactions down the street from your home probably has better insight into the specific market of your area. They’ll do a better job of highlighting local neighbourhood amenities to potential buyers, like restaurants, parks, shops, etc. 

Picture of Home for Sale Sign

Sale-to-list ratio

Basically, this number tells you what percentage of the initial asking price a property was actually sold for. For instance, if a home was listed at $500,000 and sold for $450,000 — the sale-to-list ratio for that transaction is 90 percent. 

The average sale-to-list ratio of individual realtors tells you how good they are at accurately pricing properties. Also, a high ratio means that they’re able to deliver on a huge part of the seller’s initial asking price. 

This is an exhaustive list, for more information check out How to Find the Top Realtor In Fraser Valley: https://sukhbrar.ca/news/how-to-find-a-good-realtor-to-sell-my-house-top-top-realtor-in-north-delta/

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