Why Should I move to North Delta, BC?

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Welcome to North Delta

Moving to gorgeous North Delta, British Columbia is a dream come true for those that appreciate the rich history, beautiful scenery, and charming small-town feel. Though before any move, it is natural to want to get acquainted with the area, and of course, there are always pros and cons to every town. This article will explore exactly what makes this town great and delve into the neighborhoods, cost of living, real estate trends, and all the wonderful things North Delta has to offer. Considering a move can be difficult, but information can ease worries and make this time a bit more delightful.

Brief History

The Annieville Cannery during the construction of the GNR right-of-way in 1908. (Image courtesy of the Surrey Archives, 132.01) The Annieville Cannery during the construction of the GNR right-of-way in 1908. (Image courtesy of the Surrey Archives, 132.01)

Founded as Annieville in 1860 by James Kennedy the land was well farmed and the community grew rapidly over the next few decades. By 1879 Annieville had transformed into The Corporation of Delta and the village of Ladner became the administrative center of the community. Delta’s community was fairly far from other villages and towns, so in 1959 George Massey Tunnel was erected to connect Ladner to Vancouver and Richmond. Now widely considered a commuter city, Delta has many connecting highways and bridges linking it to larger cities. These connections make Delta a perfect place to call home if planning to commute to work. Recently in September of 2017, The Corporation of Delta was officially reclassified as The City of Delta and the rest is history.


Delta consists of three notable communities, Ladner, Tsawwassen, and North Delta. North Delta in particular makes up over half of Delta’s population. It is largely suburban and hails close to Burns Bog and Surrey. Boarding the Fraser River, this quaint portion of the City of Delta has an incredibly age-diverse population and supports many different cultures. Taking the time to get to know North Delta is the best way to ensure that behind the engaging history and inviting community there is real heart and soul waiting to be discovered. 

Charming Neighborhoods

North Delta comprises four main neighborhoods. Each one presents unique opportunities and qualities depending on the kind of home, recreation, and available schools necessary.


Annieville homes are near to enticing amenities such as the eye-catching public library, recreation center, and several adorable parks with playscapes and trails for hiking and biking. There is even a Delview dog park closeby for those who have four-legged friends. Annieville has the most affordable homes averaging $882,850. Average homes in populated North Vancouver, BC are skyrocketing at $1.2M on average. Lovely new townhome developments such as Delta Gardens and Chalet Homes provide renewed opportunities to reside in Annieville. With well-ranked schools, a plethora of delicious restaurants to try, and exceptional nature-driven adventures awaiting, Annieville is a great choice for those approaching retirement and young families alike. Annieville North Delta

Source: https://www.hellotravel.com/canada/annieville-lions-park


In Scottsdale, one can expect a tightly knit community, great schools, and unique shopping experiences. Home to many prestigious elementary schools, Scottsdale is also home to Delta Community College. Discovering the pleasant parks and exotic restaurants of Scottsdale will leave little to be desired. Taking a jog on the North Delta Track or enjoying a stroll through Gunderson Park, staying active is a treat in this neighborhood. With homes approaching $1.2M on average in comparison to Tsawwassen homes at $2M, Scottsdale is a steal. New townhome development Oakcrest provides an affordable option for those who love the small-town community. Scottsdale is the perfect place to raise a family or step into treasured golden years. Scottsdale


Nordel offers access to quality learning facilities such as Bright Eyes Academy and the top-ranked public school at 7.1, Devon Gardens elementary. With the famous Burns Bog Nature Reserve full of plants and animals to observe, Nordel is perfect for those with curious minds and especially birders. There are many parks to visit as well as local businesses and restaurants that anyone could fall in love with. The average home sits around $900,000 in quaint Nordel, whereas Toronto has had the highest increase by dollar amount in the past year setting it at over $1.1M. With the completion of Ridgemont Townhomes, there are more options than ever for the ideal home and community. Nordel is a nice quiet hometown neighborhood surrounded by wild lush nature and good times for all ages. 

Source: https://unitechcm.ca/projects/north-delta-recreation-centre/

Sunshine Hills Woods

The sun definitely shines on Sunshine Hills Woods. Sporting the Sunshine Hills Social House and the Delta Golf Centre, this neighborhood is complemented with a spectacular sense of community. With local schools for the smallest members of the community and shopping and activities for the adults, Sunshine Hills Woods has an impressive amount of excitement to offer. Featuring Huff Hydro Park Reserve, Seaquam Track, and Sunshine Hills Tennis Club, fitting in a workout has never been so easy. The average cost of a home in Sunshine Hills Woods is currently at $1.2M compared to the average cost of a single-family home in Vancouver at over $2M, investing in a home or recently constructed Chelsea Gate Townhomes are an excellent option for those who want a small hometown feel and a leisurely commute. Retirees will love the amenities and relaxing culture and families will love the top-rated schools and substantial parks.

Sunshine Village

Source: https://www.collierscanada.com/en-ca/properties/leased-908-sf-of-retail-space/can-6345-120-street-delta-british-columbia-canada/can2000562

Cost of Living in North Delta

Delta has been ranked 59th best place in Canada to live. Ranking higher than most lower Mainland communities, North Delta has proven itself to be desirable based on affordability, taxes, commutes, culture, community, and more. Average real estate is around $1.1M and average two-bedroom apartments costing just 1,185 per month, cost of living is significantly less than surrounding towns. With most costs dedicated to housing and food, Delta ranks high in affordable healthcare and transportation. Commuting to jobs through the network of highways Delta is known for. There is also the option to take advantage of the current opportunity to work from home. North Delta provides quality homes with space for a fetching home office that will serve all work from home needs. Save money and enjoy the charms of small-town living all at once in North Delta.

Real Estate Trends

Following the market trends of North Delta, there is a slight rise in the housing market that is projected to continue in the coming years and then drop by 2022. However, townhomes have only marginally increased and condos have actually decreased in the past few months. The regular ebb and flow of the market trends might be hitting a slight peak for now, but as the cost of condos and townhomes continue to drop, as will the cost of homes in the North Delta. 

The best time to purchase in North Delta statistically is always towards the end of December and early January just after the holidays. During the cold and dreary months, not many buyers are looking to find their new dream home. In fact, summer is traditionally the time that many choose to purchase a new home, so shopping in the off-season might just be the ticket to even more affordable pricing. This being said, more homes do go on the market in the summer, making the possibility of finding a home more likely. Weigh the options and take the time necessary to choose the best time to buy.

Snap Stats Report December 2020

Source: Snap Stats Report December 2020

Beautiful North Delta

North Delta has extraordinary amenities to offer, a wonderful community, and affordable housing that will make any newcomer feel welcome and secure. There are plenty of playgrounds and parks for the children as well as enticing restaurants to share meals with friends and family. There is a special sense of elegance in North Delta when rare snow gently covers the ground in the winter and the temperate summer days invite everyone out and about. While some chalk it up to charm, the picturesque streets, and friendly neighbors are more than just charming. There is a real sense of comradery and trust. North Delta has much to offer any prospective immigrant or buyer, especially in these categories.


Average homes in North Delta cost less than half of homes in larger Candian cities, especially the cities designed to be within commuting distance of North Delta. Choosing North Delta over cities like Richmond or Vancouver is quite simple. The drive is well thought out and can be completed with ease, while the cost of living remains far lower. North Delta also borders Scott Road which is abundant with shopping, fitness, and eateries. This way if working from home is on the table, one can still enjoy the luxuries of a big city without traveling far. 

Excellent Schools

North Delta offers incredible schooling opportunities. Especially with schools like Sunshine Hills Seaquam Secondary School as it has been recognized as a top 10 and top 20 schools for many years with the IBA program. Other notable schools being Delta Christian, Sacred Heart, and Southpointe Academy. The Delta school district takes education very seriously and wants to ensure the best and the brightest are educated in Delta. This means each school is graded in a yearly report to help parents and teachers understand the standards schooling is held to and the high importance it claims. Providing children with the education they need to become successful benefits both the children and the community of Delta, so placing such high importance on education is valuable for everyone.

Delta Schools

Source: https://www.surreynowleader.com/news/over-1-2-million-for-upgrades-to-north-delta-elementary-schools/

Wonderful Weather

The weather in North Delta is one of its most attractive features. During the year it hardly ever dips below 0 degrees Celsius. There is adequate rain, but hardly ever snow which is unheard of in Canada. The weather remains dry with mild winter and pleasant balmy summers, living in North Delta is like living in a temperate controlled oasis. It’s almost like someone switches the seasons to the most favorable temperatures possible. Imagine enjoying each season and the joy they bring without several feet of snow or sweltering heat. The best way to describe it would be, pleasant.

Recreation and Nature

North Delta provides citizens with recreation and nature that will provide entertainment for everyone. Sun God is a revolutionary rec center that offers activities both indoor and outdoor. There are pools, a skating rink, a gymnasium, and even a coffee shop indoors. Meanwhile outdoors there are plenty of parks and sports fields to enjoy. For more outdoor fun, spend some time at  Watershed. With extensive biking trails and breathtaking forests, Watershed is fun for the whole family. Burns Bog Reserve comes highly rated by the community and nature lovers alike. Mystical hiking trails paved with wooden planks, even man’s best friend can join in. In fact, North Delta is known for housing thousands of dog lovers. Pack up a picnic and pup and see what these beautiful parks have to offer. 


Source: Eric Scott Photography

North Delta Overall

Overall, North Delta is a fantastic choice for the single-family looking for a nice place to raise children or the retirement age couple that wants to settle down and enjoy simplicity. There is a place to call home for each and every character in North Delta. With affordable housing, ample opportunity, and activities for everyone, there is rarely a town that can provide so many aspects of quality life. 

Finding a place to call home is a difficult journey, but the journey might not be so difficult when taking all the positive factors into account. Making a life change can be stressful and challenging, but knowing the outcome will ensure not only a place to reside but a sense of community makes change a welcome invitation. 

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